Onalaska Maps & Data

GIS is an integral part of the day-to-day operations and long term planning of Onalaska's future needs. The GIS (Geographic Information System) is used by many City departments within City Hall and Public Works. Our GIS data is shared with other agencies outside of the City. Data is shared between other municipalities, La Crosse County, and State organizations. GIS provides a visual display of spatial and business data to perform various analyses and run programs more efficiently.

The City of Onalaska GIS uses some data that is managed by the La Crosse County Zoning & Land Information Department: Parcels, Lot Dimensions, Subdivisions, Voting districts, and 911 road data. 

In addition, the City has 1 ft contour data (derived from the 2017 LIDAR data collection), and 2020 aerial photos with 3-inch resolution. We have older aerial data for historical studies. 

The GIS department has a series of web-based applications for Public Use. Data on properties, zoning, cemetery and more are available at our Web Maps page https://cityofonalaska.maps.arcgis.com/home/index.html.